Kemitura OffshoreKemitura Offshore

We have developed, produced and supplied niche products of high quality for the industry since 1941.

Our unique in-house expertise and experience enables us to find attractive solutions for our clients in almost every imaginable field of chemistry, specialty lubricants, greases, and glassfiber welding covers. Kemitura A/S aims to be the preferred partner within the Danish and international offshore and marine sector concerning the production, handling and delivery of chemicals, technical fabrics, cleaning agents and lubricants.

We supply these products and services, either bundled or stand-alone:

  • Knowhow of chemicals, optimization, substitution, REACH etc.
  • Kemitura produced specialty chemicals (rigwash, MEG, etc.)
  • Non-Kemitura produced wellknown specialty chemicals, lubricants, etc.

Please see our “what we do” description, to get a more detailed understanding on how and where we fit in with your current set-up of suppliers.

You can contact us at kemitura@kemitura.com, and hear about our latest client projects.